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Review music albums by epoch-making original symbols [ Melody + Score ]

Review music albums by epoch-making original symbols [Melody + Score]
Jazz, Fusion, Pops, Instrumental. CD Total of almost 18,000 reviews
You don't need to take time to read those reviews because they are not written in
words but expressed in symbols and numbers
This is a very convenient site where you can discover good songs and good albums
by pinpoint
Review symbols could be hard to understand at first, but once understood, contents
of almost 18,000 albums introduced in this site could be understood perfectly
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Message from 2 Music
2 Music deals with all of Instrumental (Jazz, Fusion, Smooth Jazz, Easy Listening) and Vocal songs (Pops, R&B, Jazz, etc).
Especially, we cover Smooth Jazz that is now popular in the US almost perfectly. 
Because songs are ranked according to the type of their tunes, it is possible to choose a good song with the tune that you like.
Because there are many reviews listed, it is possible to compare and examine based on songs in CDs you have or the songs you know.
Only good songs are chosen in charts, so your interest could grow in music from genres other than the one you like.
Because reviews on this site are not written in words, it is applicable to the whole world, except for the explanation of symbols.
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Concepts of 2 Music
We hope that people who do not usually listen to music can meet good songs through 2 Music and discover the joy of
listening to music.
There is a limitation in describing music albums in words. There are both good songs and bad songs in an album. There
are both joyous and sad. There are romantic songs, and there are vigorous songs. 2 Music introduces all the songs in
an album using epoch-making original symbols
It happens sometimes that most songs in an album are bad except for this one song. It is inconvenient to review the
whole album with ★ in those cases.
Even non-famous artists who soon would be forgotten have many good songs. You will be able to see that through 2 Music.
It is not easy to find good songs and good album from such a vast number of CDs as stars. 2 Music can help.
Once you understand the review symbols used, it becomes very clear what kind of style the song is and how good it is.
There exist songs that cannot be called music even in albums by famous artists. It is very unfortunate. if you met such
kind of album by chance and that made you dislike that type of music.
If it is by a very famous artist, that song will continue to be heard even some hundred years later. However, if it is not
  by a famous artist, no matter how good the song and the performance are, the song will be forgotten.
People from 80's just needed to listen to music albums of worth 30 years, from 50's to 80's. However, we now have 70
years worth of albums, from 1950 to 2020. This number increases every year, and 30 years later, it will be of worth
100 years. It would exceed the number of music a person can listen to both time wise and money wise in a life time.
In that sense, a site with the concept like 2 Music will be needed and meaningful even more.